My Hometown Series #5 — Good-bye, old friend.

I was honored this afternoon to have been asked if I would allow this piece to be placed in print at the Grand Saline Old School Museum along with some artifacts retrieved from the old elementary school. I’m always humbled to know that something I’ve written speaks to readers so profoundly. It goes to show how connected we all really are.

I thought I would repost it this evening for those of you who might have missed it last year. As always, please feel free to share if you wish.

The Anxiety Diaries

wide scope Demolition begins on the old Grand Saline Elementary School building. 8/16/2016

Change is never easy. Good-byes are always difficult. We want the things that mean the most to us to remain unchanged from the time of our fondest memories of them. For many of us who grew up in Grand Saline, Texas, one of those things that we have hoped would never change or go away is the old elementary school. Four generations of students attended school in that building, and four generations of students have (mostly) fond memories. There were many people who hoped to salvage it for some purpose after the new school was constructed and it was abandoned. There was talk of an adult learning center, a community center, a fine arts center. . .unfortunately, though, the money to make the necessary renovations to the building is just not there. Demolition on the old elementary school began…

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